Brummitt McKenzie Funeral Home

Joel Summers

Manager, Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer
Manager, Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer
Joel is a licensed funeral director and embalmer with more than 20 years in funeral service. He serves as the manager of Brummitt-McKenzie Funeral Home. He attended the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science in Cincinnati, Ohio and received his diploma in 1981. He is a 1980 graduate of McKenzie High School and received his Bachelor of Science degree from Bethel College in 2002.

Jennifer Highfil Pinson (Licensed Funeral Director/Pre-Arrangement Counselor

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Jason Dickinson (Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer)

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Jerry Weatherford (Non-Licensed Personel)

Jerry has been with Brummitt-McKenzie Funeral Home since the construction and opening in 2003. He has helped with many details involved with the day to day activities of the funeral home, whether assisting with funerals and visitations or helping with the general upkeep. Jerry has been a natural at this service.

Ann Anderson (Non-Licensed Funeral Assistant)

Ruby Allen (Non-Licensed Funeral Assistant)

Doris Story (Non-Licensed Funeral Assistant)

Barry Summers (Non-Licensed Funeral Assistant)

Teresa Goodrum (Non - Licensed Funeral Assistant)

Andi T. Poiner (Licended Funeral Director and Embalmer)